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Bobo Choses launches the Iconic Collection

A real treat and delight for true BOBO fans worldwide! On the 20 th of April 2021 Bobo Choses launches the Iconic Collection, its most sustainable innovation yet. It’s natural, recycled, and upcycled – the brand’s new and most challenging project. This collection of sustainable products made with recycled pieces from old Bobo Choses’ creations, natural dyes, and upcycled fabrics, along with 100% certified organic cotton.

For the last two years, B.C. has been working on a special project to expand the lifecycle of their overstock materials with the Waste Agency of Catalonia and Hallotex-The Loop. They have managed to turn manufactured clothes and used cotton into a pulp to convert into new fbers for yarn and fabrics.

Although Bobo Choses always makes an accurate forecast when they buy fabrics to avoid overstock and produce what they sell beforehand, part of the Iconic Collection reuses materials and threads from past collections to create new products. That’s something great to prevent excess waste. After this, the brand donates all the scraps generated at the production stage to a local recycling and reuse foundation.

They have now reduced an 8% of their stock by shredding fabric, giving it a new life as new products.
Denim and striped fabrics are 100% reused from past collections.
They are reusing the leftover organic cotton yarn from past collections, including it in the design and production process in this current collection and the upcoming ones.
They have carried out strict quality tests to guarantee all fabrics and products with a third-party certifcation provider, Aitex.

A great step for Bobo Choses in this Iconic Collection is the use of natural Dyes. Naturdye is a natural and sustainable textile dyeing process. All the products involved in the Naturdye process come from natural sources, and it’s up to 400 times less harmful to climate change than conventional dyeing. All products used during the process can return to their natural environment without any alteration.

70% less water consumption during the process.
Low-temperature dyeing, means less energy consumption.
Reduced CO2 footprint.
They don’t generate toxic waste.
Colorants’ origin is mainly vegetable and mineral.

Bobo Choses also gives advice on how to extend the clothes’ life cycle, once you have the garment at home:
You take good care of your clothes.
After your kid outgrows them, donate them to a friend, or resell or exchange on secondhand markets.
Buy less, but clothes with a better quality and from brands with big environmental and ethical hearts.

The fabrics for this collection are more than just beautiful and pleasant to touch.
Jersey and fleece: each garment contains at least 20% of recycled fabrics and organic cotton. The brand asks for external universal certifications to evaluate the materials.
Jersey exclusively reuses fabrics from past collections.
Terry fleece, jersey with elastane & socks: Gots-certifed organic cotton as the primary fiber.
Denim: it reuses fabrics from past collections as the primary material. In this first collection, the fabric used contains 21% pre-used cotton.
Knee patches are upcycled fleece trousers from other collections.
Knitwear: it reuses threads from past collections as the primary material.

The Iconic Collection brings together the most popular prints and shapes from the brand’s +12-year history. The collection debuts with the famous Apple, Cloud, and Chapeau prints. All big commercial successes during the brand’s early days. The Iconic Collection will introduce new items and best- selling prints at a later date.